Electric cable reel 15m with LED lamp 12v-24V

Reference: 60029

Electric cable reel 15m with LED lamp . Power supply 12-24V

Electric cable reel with plastic outer casing, complete with pivot bracket, cable ratchet stop device easily removible. LED Lamp, cable 15 m (49,21 ft) 2x1 mm type H05VV-F 11w power supply 12-24V. Max water temperature 40°C (104°F).

Lamp : Lightweight, Versatile, Safe . With its streamlined shape, this handlamp it perfect for working in areas that are difficult to access. It works with 12 or 24 volts and equipped with 18 high efficiency LED with 900 Lumen brightness. Eliminates the risk of burning the operator or the surfaces being worked on (automobile carpeting or upholstery). All Italcom handlamps come either with or without a cable, with dual insulation and a switch.


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