Dongle 2.0 ( screen not included )

Reference: 27280

Dongle 2.0 ( screen not included )

27280 Dongle 2.0 allows you to keep the progress of the entire garage constantly under control. Connect Dongle 2.0 to a normal monitor for constant display of data from all the devices in the MCO 2.0 system. In real time and with absolute clarity, anyone can see whether a GPV 2.0 is currently dispensing and the associated fluid quantity.

You can also monitor the progress of the work agenda checking completed orders and pending consignments. Pick up on any late tasks immediately.

The MCO 2.0 system supports multiple Dongle 2.0 devices. You can use a large size monitor to display work tasks in a central area at your premises, with other smaller monitors installed in each work area to keep track of dispensing operations.


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