Turbine digital meter for low viscosity fluids M 1 '

Reference: 21033

Digital flow meters for low-viscosity fluids.Aluminum or reinforced polyamide (plastic version) body. Polypropylene turbine.Repeatability 0.2 %. Loss of pressure < 0.03 bar at 120 l/min. Can be calibrated.

Digital liter-counter of Italian production. It is a precise and easy-to-use liter counter, having a rotatable digital display to improve the reading, it is possible to easily reset the total to quickly quantify the measured liters of liquid. It is a liter counter for low viscosity fluids and therefore compatible with water (not for potable or in any case food use) urea, AdBlue, washer fluid, antifreeze liquids with turbine measuring system. Easy to install, in line or at the end of the delivery pipe, it is equipped with a compact display that is easy to read. It allows the convenience of reading the quantity delivered several meters away. A sturdy body in reinforced polyamide and a sealed electronic card make it resistant, suitable to be used in practically any condition. The card can be rotated and allows easy reading of the display in all positions. Two easily replaceable batteries supply the microprocessor for a considerable time. Simple, reliable, flexible, economical, it is the ideal tool for managing the quantity of fluid dispensed. Performance: Accuracy +/- 1% within the flow range Repeatability 0.2% Maximum operating pressure: 20 bar Maximum flow 120 l / min Minimum flow rate 5 l / min Pressure loss <0.03 bar at 120 l / min Calibratable Maximum liquid temperature : 70 ° C Turbine measurement system. Body in reinforced polyamide. Polypropylene turbine. Input / output 1 "BSP (NPT). Electronic board with LCD display: Partial 5 digits from 0.1 to 99999 Total 6 digits 1 to 999999 Total resettable available Flow rate indication. It is powered by two common AAA type 1 mini batteries , 5 Volts


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