Professional Ozone Generator 1000 mg/h 230v

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Professional Ozone Generator 1000 mg/h 230v

The appliance allows the transformation of Oxygen (O2), present in the atmosphere, into Ozone (O3), a gas which, thanks to its strong oxidizing power, is universally recognized as a disinfectant and used in the sterilization of air, water and in environmental deodorization (removal of odors), because it has a remarkable bactericidal, fungicidal and inactivating effect of viruses.

Ozone (O3) is a gas with a characteristic garlic-like odor, the molecules of which are made up of three oxygen atoms. It is naturally present in the upper layers of the atmosphere and is formed by oxygen (O2) molecules in the vicinity of electrical discharges, sparks, lightning. It is an extremely reactive molecule, which has considerable instability, and is an energetic oxidant.

 An increasingly popular use in the automotive sector is the sanitization and deodorization of the passenger compartment and the air circuit of the air conditioning system.

In fact, most of the time, for these operations, chemical products are used, sprayed with spray cans, which cannot reach all the points where the microorganisms nest (bacteria, viruses, spores, molds, etc.), the source of the bad guys. odors, or fragrant chemicals are used, which however only cover odors, but do not eliminate them. Ozone, on the other hand, being gaseous, definitely manages to come into contact with these microorganisms and, by releasing the third oxygen atom of its molecules, it can eliminate them directly by oxidation.

At the end of the treatment only oxygen molecules will remain.

The ozonator is composed of:

- A system for air suction and ozone diffusion

- A "crown effect" device for the production of ozone.

- A power cable for connection to 230v

- A START / STOP button for operating the appliance and selecting treatment times.

Power supply: 230v

Ozone produced: 1 g / h

Noise level: <70 dB

Dimensions: L= 350 mm, H = 300 mm, P = 200 mm

Weight: About 4,5 Kg


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